Cancellation protection

Cancellation protection

With our Travel4Football cancellation and change protection, you have the opportunity to get your money back within 7 days if the trip is cancelled, and you can change the components of your trip as many times as you want, until 32 days before departure, regardless of the reason.

Right of withdrawal

You have right of withdrawal up to 42 days before departure. This means that you can change or cancel your trip, free of charge, from the time of your purchase and until 42 days before departure.

Free change of journey

Has anything else appeared on the dates you are going to travel? No problem, you can change your trip, free of charge, until 32 days before departure. However, the trip cannot be changed to a discounted alternative.

Free name change

Has anyone in the travel party been prevented from going? If so, you can change the name of the person through the insurance – at no extra cost.

Cancellation in case of illness

If you, or someone in a close relationship to you, is affected by an acute illness, you may cancel your trip and get your money back if you have a medical certificate. Cancellation can be made until 32 days before departure.

Cancellation in the event of termination of employment

Should you be unlucky enough to have your job terminated, you can cancel your trip and get your money back. The termination must be documented. Cancellation can be made up to 32 days before departure.

Ordinary price per person

England: £35 per person.

For bookings paid via invoice, the amount of cancellation protection must be in our account no later than 7 days after booking for the cancellation protection to apply.