Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Travel4Football

Travel4football abides by the general terms and conditions as specified by the Norwegian consumer council (forbrukerrådet). The following terms and conditions are spesific to Travel4football, and replaces the corresponding provisions given in the general terms and conditions.

1. The conclusion of the agreement and payment terms

The agreement between the parties is considered entered into upon confirmed order.

The organizer can demand payment of a deposit when ordering or before a contractual due date. The deposit must be paid in the manner agreed and within the deadline set.

If the contractual amount has not arrived in the organizer’s account 2 days after the due date, the organizer can cancel the agreement unless the customer can document that payment has been made before the due date.

The balance must be due no earlier than 32 days before departure. If the organizer has payment obligations to subcontractors that fall due earlier than 35 days before departure, the balance may fall due earlier. The organizer must be able to document such an obligation. Clear and unambiguous information must be provided before ordering about the time the balance is due.

If such information is not provided in a clear and unambiguous manner when ordering, the customer is nevertheless not obliged by the organizer’s deviating payment deadlines. Payment shall then not fall due earlier than 35 days.

2. What is covered by the agreement

The agreement includes the package tour as it appears from the booking and confirmation and travel document or similar document, as well as any additional services that are included in the package tour in accordance with the agreement between the parties. In addition, the agreement also includes the organizer’s any individual conditions.

Furthermore, information the organizer has provided on its website, in catalogs, brochures and the like. part of the agreement unless they must be assumed to be of no significance to the customer’s purchase of the package package in question. The information is also not considered part of the agreement if it has been changed in a clear manner before the conclusion of the agreement. In its information, the organizer shall draw attention to the possibility that the information may be changed before an agreement is entered into.

3. Hospitality package

When customer purchases hospitality package, the purchase price is final and can’t be cancelled.

3.1. Match postponed

If match is postponed, ticket will remain valid for the new fixture date.

3.2. Match cancelled/played by closed doors

If match is cancelled, ticket will be refunded.

4. The price of the trip


The stated price for the trip shall include all fees, charges and / or taxes Norwegian and / or foreign authorities may impose on the services covered by the agreement. Should tourist tax or the like paid directly at the destination, it must be stated that this will be added.

Furthermore, the price must include any supplements for the special wishes the customer may have related to his order or other services the organizer has agreed to include in the package tour.

Supplements or discounts related to the trip or such optional additional services or specifications must be clearly stated in the organizer’s price overview / price specification.

The price for any cancellation protection and / or travel insurance is in addition to the package travel price and is not covered by the provisions in this section. The same applies to any connecting trip or land events that are not part of the package trip.

The organizer may in its individual conditions stipulate that the agreed package travel price can be adjusted up or down by changes in public taxes and fees, and / or transport prices and / or the relevant currencies. The customer must be given a justification for and a calculation of the price increase. In this case, the organizer must also in the conditions give the customer a corresponding right to demand a price reduction if the circumstances the organizer reserves the right to adjust the price upwards, develop in the customer’s favor, cf. the Package Travel Act § 19 cf. 20.

The notice of price increase must be notified to the customer no later than 20 days before departure for the price increase claim to be valid. The customer, for his part, cannot invoke price adjustment in his favor due to circumstances that occur later than 20 days before departure.

A price increase of more than 8% of the agreed purchase price gives the customer the right to withdraw from the agreement at no cost to him.

In the notice of price increase in accordance with the above provisions, the organizer shall set a reasonable deadline for the customer’s right to cancel the purchase at no cost to him. The deadline cannot be set to less than three working days

4.2. Deposit

The organizer can set a reasonable deposit the traveler must pay.

Where the organizer can document that the booking entails special financial obligations before the trip starts, e.g. package travel related to scheduled flights with associated payment obligations for the organizer, hotels with requirements for non-refundable advance payment or special land events (excursions, courses, etc.) that are part of the package, but where the organizer is not entitled to a refund when canceling the land event. with this documented amount.

5.1. Cancellation protection and travel insurance

The organizer or intermediary shall inform the customer of the right to take out a separate cancellation protection or a cancellation insurance from an insurance company, together with the package tour itself, which ensures the customer the right to claim release from the contract in the event of sudden and serious illness. family, or someone he travels with, or other unexpected and serious incidents, see further provisions on this in section 5.3.

The organizer must also inform the customer about his right to take out travel insurance with an intermediary or organizer, possibly with an insurance company, ie insurance for loss / damage to luggage etc. and for coverage of medical expenses and possible repatriation in case of accident / illness. The customer must be informed of the necessity of bringing a European Health Insurance Card if such travel insurance is not taken out.

If the purchase agreement is entered into shortly before departure, the information pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall be provided to the extent that it is practically possible.

If the right of cancellation is an integral part of the organizer’s standard conditions, he is obliged to make the customer clearly aware of this.

5.2. Entry regulations

Before entering into the agreement, the organizer / intermediary must provide the customer with general information about which passports and visa requirements apply to the desired destination (s) for citizens from the EU / EEA countries. As far as possible, information should also be provided on approximately how long it takes to obtain a visa.

Anyone who makes a booking for others is obliged to provide correct and comprehensive information about their fellow travelers. This message must be included on the order confirmation in a clear and conspicuous manner. If specific information is provided about entry regulations for the chosen trip for practical reasons first together with the travel confirmation or later, the customer can cancel the agreement and demand the paid deposit refunded in full if the relevant provisions significantly affect the possibility of completing the trip.

Travelers with a foreign passport from countries outside the EU / EEA area must be instructed on where to obtain the necessary information if the organizer / intermediary is not able to obtain such.

The traveler is obliged to provide correct information according to the requirements that the individual countries’ authorities had to set as a condition for entry.

If the authorities in the country of entry present new requirements for personal information upon entry or other formal requirements after the travel documents have been issued, the tour operator / intermediary shall notify the customer of this to the extent possible.

5.3. Health information

Before entering into the agreement, the customer must be informed of any health formalities in connection with the trip and stay.

5.4 Information regarding transport

The tour operator is obliged to state which airlines perform the various transport parts of the trip. In the event of a change of airline after the trip has been purchased, notification must be given as soon as practicable and at the latest at check-in / boarding. For package tours that use scheduled flights, the organizer must give notice of a change of scheduled airline where this is possible.

5.5. Other relationships

The agreement shall confirm that the organizer has provided a statutory guarantee to the Travel Guarantee Fund or a similar scheme, as well as provide information on how the fund can be contacted.

6. The customer’s right to cancel or transfer the trip

6.1. Cancellation in exceptional circumstances

The customer has the right to cancel the package tour, and get a refund of the amounts paid for the package tour, if at the destination or in the immediate vicinity before the package tour takes place, unavoidable or extraordinary circumstances such as acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events such as must be equated with those mentioned and which will affect the completion of the package tour or the transport of the customer to the destination.

The right to cancel shall also apply if the events occur on or along the itinerary, and they involve a real risk for the customer. Claims for reimbursement of services that are not part of the package tour must, if payment for such services has already been passed on from the organizer to the relevant service provider, be addressed to the relevant service provider on a contractual basis.

The right of cancellation under this clause does not apply if the customer knew, or should have known, the circumstances when he entered into the agreement to purchase the trip.

6.2. Cancellation for a fee

The customer has the right to cancel the trip in exchange for paying a reasonable administration fee until there are 42 days left until the departure day starts.

If the customer cancels after the deadline has expired, these rules shall apply:

Cancellation between the deadline for cancellation for a fee (as a general rule 42 days before the departure date starts) and until there are 15 days left until the departure date starts: Refund of the amount paid minus the amount of the deposit
Cancellation after that is less than 15 days until the day of departure starts or omitted attendance on departure: No refund in addition to public fees that do not accrue.
Airlines may in some cases charge a fee for such reimbursement. If the organizer demands back the taxes and fees on behalf of the customer, a reasonable fee can also be calculated for this. In any case, the total fees shall not exceed the fee for name change in the ticket.

When the special and documentable nature of the trip makes it reasonable, for example where the organizer’s right to reimbursement from its subcontractors is limited, the organizer may set deviating conditions from the above reimbursement rules.

In any case, the customer’s right of cancellation cannot be limited to a greater extent than the organizer’s right over its subcontractors.

The individual refund rules must be easy to understand and must be given in a clear and distinct manner before ordering. If such information is not provided in a clear and unambiguous manner when ordering and the organizer can not prove that such information was given before ordering, the customer is nevertheless not obliged by the organizer’s deviating rules. Cancellation then follows the above refund rules.

If the customer’s booking includes several, and the agreed total price is based on discounts or discounts linked to the number of participants, the basis for such discounts or discounts may fall away if any of the party cancels. In the event of such a partial cancellation, the organizer shall refund the proportionate share of the agreed / paid price to those who cancel, and collect any additional price as a result of forfeiture of discounts related to the group size, from the remaining participants.

6.3. In case of sudden and serious illness or accident – voluntary cancellation protection.

If the customer has taken out cancellation protection / insurance, or if corresponding rules have been made part of the organizer’s standard conditions, the customer has the right to demand release from the agreement if he can document that the conditions for such cancellation are met. He is obliged to notify the organizer of the cancellation as soon as possible after he is aware of the circumstances that give the right to the cancellation after this point.

The cancellation protection shall at least give the right to cancellation if the customer himself, spouse, registered partner, cohabitant, children, parents, in-laws or siblings, is affected by sudden and serious illness, accidental injury or death. The same applies if such circumstances affect someone with whom he is traveling, and it would be unreasonable to demand that the customer then complete the journey without the person in question being involved. Equal to sudden and serious illness are sudden and serious events that affect the customer or his travel companion, cf. above, which means that it is not reasonable to require the customer to complete the trip. Such incidents can be fire or water damage to real estate, or the like.

The right under the preceding paragraphs presupposes that the traveler himself did not know, or should have known, the circumstances which lead to the journey not being able to be used, or that he himself is not responsible for such circumstances.

The customer is obliged to notify the intermediary or organizer of the cancellation as soon as possible after he is aware of the circumstances that justify the cancellation according to this point, as well as to obtain sufficient documentation for the illness from a doctor, or the impeding circumstance e.g. by a certificate from a police authority or insurance company.

If the customer has accepted the organizer’s own cancellation protection, the organizer must, in the event of cancellation in accordance with above provisions, refund the amount paid (less the price of the cancellation protection) without undue delay as soon as necessary documentation is provided by the customer, possibly after deduction of a reasonable administration fee. The condition is also that the fee is stated in the organizer’s individual conditions or the insurance document.

If the booking includes several travelers, and the total price reflects a discount or rejection based on the total number of participants, a cancellation for one or more in a row could mean that the conditions for the agreed price are no longer present. This should not cause the remaining participants a price increase, but is covered by the cancellation protection.

The organizer has the right to transfer the travelers to another accommodation that better suits the size of the remaining group and which otherwise corresponds to the originally booked accommodation. The right to such relocation is conditional on the relocation not reducing the content of the selected package tour, or making the given information about the package tour or agreed additional benefits no longer possible.

6.4. Transfer of the package tour

The customer has the right to transfer the trip to someone else who meets the conditions for participating in the package trip. The precondition is that the organizer or intermediary is notified of this within a reasonable time before the package tour starts, and that the organizer and / or subcontractors he uses are not bound by rules that prohibit such transfer. Scheduled aircraft belong to i.a. this category of subcontractors. Where the scheduled airline accepts name changes, the company’s terms for this are in addition to the rules in the General Terms and Conditions for Package Travel.

In the event of a transfer, the organizer can calculate a reasonable name change fee. The original customer and the new traveler are jointly and severally liable for both such fee and any balance for the trip.

The organizer’s duty to provide information pursuant to the Package Travel Act and these conditions is normally considered fulfilled to the new customer to the extent that the duty to provide information is fulfilled to the person transferring the journey. If there is a need to provide additional information, and this is practically possible, the organizer will still have a duty to provide the necessary information to the person to whom the trip has been transferred. The organizer has no responsibility if the person who receives the trip is not satisfied with the requirements set by the country of entry.

6.5. Changing the order

The traveler can change the travel day, destination, hotel, etc. against a reasonable administration fee, if the organizer has the opportunity to comply with the new wishes. If the organizer’s costs for the change exceed the size of the fee, the change can be considered a cancellation. The organizer must then inform the customer that the rules on cancellation for consideration in section 5.2. will apply.

7. The organizer’s right to cancel or change the trip without liability.

7.1. Too few registered

The organizer can cancel the individual trip if the number of seats or occupancy share he has set in his individual conditions as a condition for terminating the trip is not sold. The deadline must not be set shorter than:

  • 20 days before the day of departure starts for journeys lasting more than 6 days.
  • 7 days before the package tour begins for journeys lasting between 2 and 6 days.
  • 48 hours before the package tour begins for trips lasting less than 2 days.

Written notice of such cancellation must have reached the customer no later than the deadline. The organizer is obliged to notify the customer of cancellation after this point as soon as possible. In the event of cancellation after this point, all amounts paid by the customer shall be refunded as soon as possible.

7.2. Obstacle beyond the organizer’s control

The organizer can cancel a trip without liability, if the package trip can not be completed due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and the traveler is notified of the cancellation without undue delay. Such obstacles may, depending on the circumstances, be war or acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events which must be equated with those mentioned above.

If a trip is canceled before it starts due to obstacles beyond the organizer’s control, he is obliged to refund the customer all amounts paid immediately. Alternatively, the customer shall be offered free of charge to participate in another package tour of equivalent or higher quality if the organizer can offer this. If the customer is offered an alternative journey of lower quality than agreed, the traveler must be given a suitable price reduction.

Under the same conditions as mentioned in the first paragraph, the organizer will not be liable for damages if the package tour becomes defective or must be interrupted as a result of such obstacles occurring after the package tour has begun. If the trip is shortened by the organizer or customer canceling it due to such conditions, the customer will still be entitled to a proportionate price reduction. The organizer is obliged to the extent possible to eliminate any risks or inconveniences for the customer. If the trip must be interrupted, the organizer is obliged to transport the customer back to the agreed place of return without costs and with the least possible inconvenience to the customer. The time of repatriation will depend on an assessment of the actual conditions on site, including the real risk and / or the real disadvantages of a continued stay. The statements of the Norwegian and local authorities shall be emphasized in this assessment.

If the organizer omits repatriation or postpones it unnecessarily and the customer must arrange the return journey himself, the organizer is responsible for any additional expenses the customer incurs as a result.

7.3 The organizer’s right to change the content of the trip or conditions after the conclusion of the agreement

The organizer may not change the terms of the agreement or the travel specifications to the detriment of the customer after entering into an agreement, unless a reservation has been made to change specifically specified services / specifications, and this is explicitly stated in the individual agreement, ie travel document or other agreement document.

The organizer is obliged to notify the customer in writing as soon as possible if he wishes to change the terms or content after this point.

The organizer shall at the same time inform the customer of his right to cancel the purchase of the trip if the changes mean that the trip will suffer from significant defects for the customer after the change, or to demand a price reduction if the trip will be defective. If the customer has not invoked this right within three days after notification of the change has been received, he loses the right to cancel the purchase or demand a price reduction. If special circumstances lead to the deadline not being met, the customer is obliged to notify as soon as possible and within a reasonable time.

8. Duties of the parties

8.1. Duties of the organizer / mediator

The organizer shall terminate the trip in accordance with what has been agreed with the traveler, cf. section 2. If unforeseen circumstances nevertheless necessitate changes in the trip, the organizer shall to a reasonable extent ensure that the traveler is exposed to the least possible inconvenience.

The organizer shall as soon as possible provide appropriate assistance to travelers in difficulty. The assistance shall be based on providing appropriate information about health services, local authorities and consular assistance, and what it is relevant to assist in finding alternative travel services. The organizer may charge a reasonable fee for the assistance if the difficulties are caused intentionally or negligently by the traveler.

The tour operator / intermediary shall as soon as possible state whether matters he understands, or should understand, are important to the traveler.

If the traveler points out shortcomings during the trip, the organizer is obliged to do what is reasonably possible to rectify the shortcomings as soon as possible.

8.2 The customer’s duties

The customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with these general terms or the conditions the organizer has published on its website, in its catalog or in any other way.

a) Payment: The customer is obliged to pay the agreed consideration within the deadline stipulated in the terms. Significant non-payment gives the organizer the right to cancel the order.

b) Information: The customer is obliged to provide the intermediary or organizer with the relevant information that he understands or should understand is of significant importance for the implementation of the package tour. Anyone who books for fellow travelers is obliged to provide correct and relevant information in relation to this as well. The organizer is not responsible for problems that arise as a result of staff or special needs of fellow travelers not being provided in a correct manner. Anyone who books a package tour on behalf of others is obliged to ensure that the person / persons who are to participate in the package tour can follow the regulations set by the organizer, and that the package tour in question is of such a nature that the participant (s) can participate in the one without burdens for himself or others

c) Complaints: The traveler is obliged to notify the organizer without undue delay if he discovers a defect that will give him rights according to points 8.1 a) – e). If the defect is discovered after the package tour has begun, the customer must, as far as possible, complain on the spot.

d) Documents etc: The customer is obliged to check that tickets and travel documents are in accordance with the booking and that the names of travelers are in accordance with what is in the passport. The traveler is obliged to bring a valid passport, any visas / health certificates, tickets, reference numbers and other documents that may be necessary for the trip. The traveler is obliged to provide such documents as may be necessary for the individual trip, and he is obliged to take out the insurance he may feel necessary. The organizer has the right to reject a traveler if the necessary documents are not brought.

e) Consideration for fellow travelers etc: The customer is further obliged to comply with the organizer’s own provisions as they are presented to him before entering into an agreement, hotels and other subcontractors ‘rules of procedure, and to comply with the carrier’s and local authorities’ rules. The customer must also comply with the instructions given by the organizer regarding attendance time, place of attendance, etc. during the journey, as well as the orders the carrier or transport manager may give in connection with unforeseen events during the journey.

The individual participant in the trip must not act in such a way that it is a nuisance to the fellow travelers or creates safety or practical problems for the organizer. The organizer has the right to reject a traveler at the start of the trip if the traveler’s behavior or condition makes it obvious that he can not meet the requirements in this point.

f) Return journey etc: The traveler is obliged to comply with the organizer’s any provisions on confirmation of return tickets on scheduled flights. If this is not done, the reserved seats cannot be expected to be used. Furthermore, the traveler is obliged to stay informed of any changes in the departure time, by contacting the tour operator or the tour operator’s representative if the traveler has left the travel company or otherwise made himself / herself unavailable in the last 24 hours before scheduled departure. The traveler is otherwise obliged to follow the organizer’s requests to read the organizer’s e-mails, text messages, notices, visit the information desk or reception as long as this does not cause unnecessary inconvenience or inconvenience to the traveler.

g) Consequences of default: Serious violation of these provisions after the matter has been prosecuted, gives the organizer the right to deny the traveler in question further participation in the trip. The organizer then has no responsibility for extra expenses in connection with advance / changed return journey. The rejected traveler can also not make claims regarding the part of the trip that is not used.

The customer may be held liable for losses or additional expenses incurred by the organizer in the event of a gross breach of the above provisions. The customer is responsible for damages and losses etc. according to normal tort law rules.

9. About deficiencies

9.1. Missing before departure

The customer can terminate the agreement before the package tour begins if it is clear that the package tour will have significant deficiencies.

The same applies if the terms of the agreement change and the change is to the significant disadvantage of the customer. Price increases of more than 8% must always be regarded as a significant disadvantage. In this case, the customer must notify the organizer of the cancellation within a reasonable time. Unless special reasons dictate, such notification should be given no later than one week after notification of the change was received, or as soon as possible if notification is received shortly before departure.

The customer is then entitled to a full refund of all amounts paid as well as any compensation in accordance with the rules in the Package Travel Act § 29.

Alternatively, he has the right to participate in another package tour of equivalent or higher quality if the organizer or intermediary can offer this. If the proposed alternative travel services lead to a package trip of lower quality than agreed, the traveler shall be given a suitable price reduction.

If the organizer cannot offer such a replacement trip, the customer can buy a trip that corresponds to the original within reasonable limits, and hold the organizer responsible for any additional costs of this purchase according to the usual, tort law rules. If such a cover purchase is significantly more expensive than the price for the original trip, compensation can normally not be expected.

9.2. Missing after departure

The package tour has a defect in the absence or defective delivery of the travel services that are part of a package tour and this is not due to the customer or circumstances on his part.

The customer is obliged to complain about deficiencies he discovers without undue delay.

Complainant deficiencies after departure give the customer these rights:

a) Remedy:
The customer can demand that the organizer remedy the defect if this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to him. The remedy must take place within a reasonable deadline set by the customer. If the defect is not remedied within the deadline, the traveler can remedy the defect himself and demand necessary expenses reimbursed.

If the customer refuses correction that will remedy the defect, or he fails to complain to the organizer or the organizer’s representative where this is possible, so that correction can take place, he loses the right to further claims.

b) Alternative travel services
The customer can demand that the organizer offers an alternative travel service if a significant part of the travel services cannot be delivered according to the package travel agreement. The organizer shall, if possible, offer an alternative travel service of equivalent or higher quality without additional costs. If the proposed alternative travel services lead to a package trip of lower quality than agreed, the traveler must be given a suitable price reduction. The traveler can only reject the offer if they are not comparable to what follows from the package travel agreement, or if the price reduction is insufficient.

c) Price reduction:
If the defect is not remedied, the customer is entitled to an appropriate price reduction for the period the package tour has had a defect.

d) Withdrawal:
If the package tour has a defect that significantly affects the implementation of the package tour and the organizer has not remedied the defect or offered alternative services, the customer can terminate the agreement and claim back the value of the travel services that have not been delivered.

If the customer terminates the agreement in accordance with this provision, he is entitled to free transport back to the place of departure or elsewhere where the journey should have ended, if the package journey contains a transport element. The rules in section 6.2., 3rd paragraph apply in the same way.

e) Compensation:
If the package tour is defective and this leads to the customer suffering a loss, the customer can demand compensation from the organizer.

The organizer’s liability for damages according to the foregoing lapses if the organizer can prove that the defect is due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances. The right to compensation also does not apply if the defect is due to a third party who is not connected with the provision of the travel services included in the agreement, and the defect could not be foreseen or avoided.

Where transport law limits the scope or conditions of compensation from a carrier, the same restrictions apply to the organizer.

9.3 Limitations on damages

Where the organizer’s liability is not already limited under other transport law legislation, the organizer may limit the compensation in the package travel agreement, but not to less than three times the total price of the package trip.

The limitation does not apply to personal injury or damage caused intentionally or negligently by the organizer.

9.4 Relationship with other transport law legislation

The customer’s right to a price reduction or compensation does not limit the customer’s rights under other transport law legislation. Price reductions and compensation in accordance with the Package Travel Act and compensation in accordance with other transport law legislation shall be deducted from each other, so that the customer is not given too high compensation.

The customer can direct his claim for a price reduction or compensation to the organizer of the package tour. Any claims against the carrier (eg the airline) under other transport law legislation (including standard compensation under the EU Regulation on Air Passengers’ Rights) must be directed against the carrier.

Regardless of whether the organizer is liable for damages in accordance with the above, obliges the traveler to limit the loss as best he can. Compensation cannot be claimed for loss or damage due to the traveler’s own negligence or circumstances.

Relationship with EU Regulation 2004-261 (Delays, cancellations and overbookings).

In the event of delays, cancellations and / or overbooking, the rules that follow from the EU’s mentioned regulation apply.

Any claims under this Regulation must be directed against the carrier.

Where the EU regulation gives the passenger the right to cancel the transport agreement, this does not apply to the rest of the package tour unless the defect is of such a nature that the conditions for canceling the purchase of the package tour are present, cf. section 8. Minor delays usually result in not entitled to cancel the purchase of the package tour. If the passenger chooses to cancel / cancel the purchase of the journey in accordance with the provisions of the EU regulation, but the conditions for canceling the purchase of the package according to the Package Travel Act are not present, the customer must have only refunded the part of the purchase price related to transport. The tour operator is obliged to make the customer aware that a full refund of the package travel price will then not take place.

9.5 The following conditions are not normally regarded as defects in the package journey in accordance with the provisions of section 9:

a) Deviations from expectations the customer has had and which are not created by the organizer, such as. other construction standard at the destination or other destination-related conditions, if the conditions the customer complains about, must be considered to be “normal” at the destination.

b) Abnormal weather and other natural conditions the organizer did not or should not have known about

c) Conditions that the traveler must expect may arise from time to time, and which are beyond the organizer’s control or which do not deviate from what is considered provided in the agreement. Change of residence due to overbooking, shall not be considered “foreseeable deviations”.

d) Delays during transport or changed departure / arrival times, when the stay at the destination is not shortened by more than a maximum of 6 hours for journeys lasting less than 5 days, or 8 hours for journeys lasting between 5 and 8 days, or a maximum of 12 hours for journeys with a duration of more than 8 days. If the delay / change in departure / arrival times is due to measures by the aviation authorities, exceptional weather conditions, congestion in the airspace or other, similar conditions the organizer or carrier can not affect, the deadlines specified above are doubled. The fact that the relationship is not described as a defect under this provision does not prevent the customer from having the assistance and any compensation the customer is entitled to under the aforementioned EU regulations.

e) Deviations from the agreement due to the customer’s own circumstances.

10. Dispute resolution

In the event of a complaint, the traveler must be made aware of the complaint procedure, and that if the customer’s complaint / claim is not met or the parties do not agree, the case can be brought before the Package Travel Complaints Board (Pakkereisenemnda) or other dispute resolution body and any complaint fees in this connection.

The EU complaints portal can also be used if the customer wants to lodge a complaint. This is particularly relevant if the complainant is a consumer residing in another EU / EEA country. The complaint is submitted here http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

11. Printing Error

Travel4football reserve against possible printing errors in their price-, picture- or program changes in their publication on their page www.travel4football.com

12. Complaint deadline

Grievances that cannot be solved immediately must be presented in written form ad sent to Travel4football within 10 days of occurance. Complaints reaching Travel4football later than this complaint deadline will not be considered. The primary buyer is not entitled to any compensation if Travel4football proves that the grievance was caused by something outside their control that could not have been avoided or overcome.

13. Entry into force

These General Terms and Conditions for Package Travel apply from 01.07.2018 and replace from the same date corresponding terms from 1.1.2015