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Travel4football are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains how and why travel4football collects and process your personal data. It informs you of your rights in accordance with the Norwegian Personal data act and GDPR. You can always contact us with questions about our collection and processing of personal data via e-mail at

When you use travel4footballs services, you accept this privacy policy and our collecting and use of your private data. You also accept that travel4football use electronic communications channels to send you information. It is important that you read and understand this privacy statement before you use our services.

Personal data responsibility

Our privacy policy applies to products and services offered by Travel4Football AS.
Travel4Football AS is responsible for the handling of personal data on this site and all sites operated by Travel4Football AS.

Processing responsibility

Travel4Football has the processing responsibility for all processing of personal data in such cases where we ourselves determine the purpose of the processing and the means used to achieve this.
In this privacy policy you can read more about the data processing in wich Travel4Football has the processing responsibility for.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or the assessments made in it, you may reach us at

In order to offer our services, we need to use your personal data as described below. We do so with the utmost regard to protect your information.

What information do we gather?

The information you give us. You can, indirectly or directly, give us information about yourself in a number of ways, such as when you carry out a purchase through our site. This may be:

  • Personal information and contact information – name, date of birth, social security number, title, billing and delivery address, e-mail, phone number etc.
  • Payment information – credit and debet card information (card number, expiration date, CCV) invoice details, account number etc.
  • Information concerning products/services – details of your purchase with us.
  • Information on interaction between you and Travel4Football  –How you use our services, including the response time of the site, download errors, input and output mode, as well as delivery confirmation in cases where we contact you.
  • Information about the unit  – ex. IP-address, language settings, browser settings, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution.
  • Geographical information – your geographical position.

The information you provide us with, along with the information on products/services and financial information, is usually required to enter into a contractual relationship between you and Travel4Football.
The rest of the information gathered by us is usually necessary for other purposes, as explained below.

How do we use the information we gather?

We offer, execute and improve our servises. All information is used to offer, execute and improve Travel4Footballs services. Travel4Football processes personal data for the following purposes, based on the following legal basis.

PurposeLegal basis (“Why is the gathering of this data necessary”)Automatic desicion

To confirm your identity and confirm your personal data and contact information.
To fulfill our contractual obligation to youYes
To manage your order and the relation to you as a customer, i.e. to fulfill a contractual commitment between Travel4Football and you, and to provide you wit information on products and services you have ordered from us.To fulfill our contractual obligation to youYes
For customer analysis and managing of the services offered by travel4football, as well as internal operations such as troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, surveys and statistical purposes.To fulfill our contractual obligation to you and to secure our own legitimate interestsYes
To ensure that content is presented as effectively as possible for you and the unit you useTo comply with applicable laws and other contractual obligations.Yes
To conduct risk analyzes, prevent fraud as well as risk management.To comply with applicable laws and to secure our own legitimate interestsYes
To improve our services and for general business development. To develop products and explore new business opportunities.To secure our own legitimate interestsNo

To communicate with you. Travel4Football may also use your data to send you periodic newsletters or other commercial information regarding our products/services, and to perform customer surveys concerning our services (i.e. after you have contacted our customer service) via electronic channels and/or on the phone. You can always withdraw your consent to these purposes by sending an e-mail to

With whom do we share information?

Travel4Football may transfer or share your data to selected third parties, as listed below. We will take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational considerations to ensure your personal data is treated securely and is sufficiently protected when it is transferred or shared with a selected third party.

Logistics and transport companies. Travel4Football may transfer information about you to suppliers and subcontractors to execute our contractual obligations to you, and for other purposes stated in this privacy policy.

Suppliers and subcontractors  Travel4Football may transfer information about you to suppliers and subcontractors to execute our contractual obligations to you, and for other purposes stated in this privacy policy.

Payment partners, credit bureaus and similar suppliers. Your personal data may be shared with credit bureaus and similar suppliers to assess credit value when you apply to pay with one of Travel4footballs payment methods, and to conform your identity and address information.

Authorities. Travel4Football may provide necessary information to authorities such as police, tax authorities or other authorities if we are required by law to do so, or if you have consented to this information being released. An example of statutory sharing of information is to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing.

Disposal. In the following situations your personal data may be shared with a third party:

  • If Travel4Football buys or sells assets or businesses, personal data may be shared with the potential buyer or seller of such asset or business.
  • If Travel4Football or a significant part of its assets is purchased by a third party, personal data about Travel4Footballs customers may be shared and transferred.

What will we NOT do with your personal data?

We will not sell your personal data to a third party without your consent.

Where do we store personal data?

We will always do our utmost to secure your personal data within the EU/EEA. Information may still, in certain cases, be transferred to, and processed outside, the EU/EEA or with a supplier or sub contractor.

Travel4football has an obligation to protect your data, and we will at all times take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational considerations to ensure your personal data is treated securely and is sufficiently protected compared to and in line with the security level inside the EU/EEA.

For how long do we store personal data?

We store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill our contractual obligation to you, as well as what is required by law.

When we stor personal data for other purposes, such as preventing money laundering, accounting laws and regulations on capital requirements, we store data only for the time necessary or required by law in each purpose.

Your rights to access, change or delete

  • Right to access. You can ask to see, and verify the information we have about you. This access is free of charge.
  • Right to change. You have a right to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself.
  • Right to delete (“the right to be forgotten”). You are entitled to ask for your personal data to be erased if this information is no longer needed for the purpose it was gathered for, There may, however, be legal obligations that prevents Travel4Football from deleting all information immediately. This is in certain cases prevented in accounting laws, tax regulations, banking laws, laws on preventing money laundering, and also the Norwegian Consumer Purchase Act (Forbrukerkjøpsloven).
  • Ask for access, change or deletion. For access, change or deletion, send an e-mail to In order to process your request, Travel4Football will need information to confirm your identity, such as ID-handling, drivers license or passport.


Travel4Football uses cookies to enhance your experience, gather information for marketing purposes and to develop our sites. This information is anonymously stored. In some cases certain personal data is handled by cookies om In these cases, our cookie policy applies, as well as our privacy policy.

If you wish to complain

If you feel that a business are in violation of the Personal Data Act (Personopplysningsloven) or the Privacy Regulation (Personvernforordningen) You may contact Datatilsynet. Read more here:

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