Are your tickets official?

Yes we only sell official tickets.

Can I buy only ticket ?

No, we are not be able to sell only match tickets, as it is a requirement from Liverpool FC that official tickets are sold as packages. Please contact us if you have any wishes outside our package on the website.

How and when will I get the tickets ?

Ticket are sent out 2-5 days before match. If there are two home matches close, ticket for the second match will be sent day after first match is played.  

Which tickets are the best official tickets?

Our Anfield Beat Lounge tickets are the best official tickets. Here you get them in bags and sacks. Excellent seats on the lower long side and close to the Kop.

What type of soccer package do you sell?

We mostly sell hotel packages and full packages with flights (Norway). In some cases, when the club allows it, we sell Hospitality packages.

Do you want to sell packages with flights?

After Covid, charter prices have been sky high. We continuously consider whether we should set up planes for matches (from Norway). Inside each match, you will see which package types we sell for the match.

Do you have match tickets for wheelchair users?

In the Anfield Beat Lounge we have a limited number of places for wheelchair users. Contact us on Facebook regarding availability. The price will be the same as the Anfield Beat Lounge.

Transport between the airport and the hotel?

When ordering a hotel package, we will help with transport. Contact us by e-mail or Facebook for help ordering transport.

Do all the hotels serve breakfast?

All our hotels include breakfast in the price unless stated otherwise. For apartments, breakfast is not included.

What is the difference between the different rooms in the hotels?

Family room is a large double bed and a sofa bed. This works well for a family of 3-4, where two are children. If you are 3 well-grown men, you should perhaps consider two rooms or an apartment at Posh Pads.

Standard double rooms have a double bed or two single beds (twin).

Can we be moved from the hotel we have a choice?

Normally you will not be moved from the hotel you have chosen. But in some situations, such as Melodi Grand Prix, it can happen. You will then be allocated a hotel of the same standard.

Should we exchange money before we travel?

Whether you should exchange money before you travel or wait until you arrive at your destination may vary slightly from destination to destination. The exchange rate can often be lower if you withdraw money from an ATM at your destination than if you do it at home. But be aware that many banks have high fees for cash withdrawals abroad. For cash withdrawals abroad, choose for the card to be charged in the local currency. If you let the ATM set the exchange rate, you get a much worse rate than when the card company does it.

Do you need a power adapter at the hotel?

You will need a travel adapter when you travel to the UK. Some hotels have rooms with USB charging.

What time can I check in and out of the hotel?

Normally you can check in after 15:00, and check out 11:00. Check the hotel’s website for the exact time.

What do I do if I have lost/forgotten something on the trip?

Have you forgotten or lost something on your trip? Contact our staff and they will do what they can to make it right.

If you lost something at the airport on departure or on board the plane when you returned home, contact the lost property department at the airport you departed from in Norway.

What do I do if there are deficiencies in the hotel?

In the event of deficiencies at the hotel, contact the reception as soon as possible. You can also do so if you want two duvets instead of the one large one when ordering a double bed.